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Why Betpirate?

When you bet on multiple things in parallel, we'll keep track of how you bet on different odds and results at the same time. It's great to play with one or more bookmakers at the same time.
Well-founded investments based on facts give higher winning chances, but finding the right odds in the game span online is easier said than done. Betpirate helps you increase awareness of the games and gives you a quick and clear overview as a player.
You download the app for iOS, Android or Windows through the website. Betpirate app is free and costs nothing to use. Our goal is simply to be on your side as a player and show when to play or renounce. Only play when you can guarantee multiple results on the same match or end result. The app works equally well in Windows, Android, and iOS . So what are you waiting for? Download Betpirate without bind time and experience the functionality of our app. Only play when you really have a chance to win. See the different examples of how you can always win if your guaranties go in.

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Both professional players and amateurs use Betpirate. Do you prefer sports betting or playing on horses?

Tips & Odds

We provide tips and odds on lots of games, including live betting. The tool is user friendly, even for complex bets and live odds.


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